Chem Lab Report 1

Topics: Density, Water, Liquid Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Experiment 1: Density|

Purpose: To determine the density of the following liquids and solids. Data/Observation: Part A
Sample| Distilled Water (g)| Methanol (g)| Glycerol (g)| Mass of empty cylinder| 41.1 g| 40.4 g| 41.1 g|
Mass of cylinder + liquid| 51.2 g| 48.2 g| 53.8 g|
Mass of liquid| 10.1 g| 7.8 g| 12.7 g|

Density of liquid = Mass/Volume = g/mL

Distilled Water = 10.1g/10mL = 1.01 g/mL
Methanol = 7.8g/10mL = 0.793 g/mL
Glycerol = 12.7g/10mL = 1.27g/mL

Data Observation: Part B

Sample| Sucrose| Sodium Acetate| Naphthalene|
Mass of solid (g)| 5g| 2g| 2g|
Volume of water (50mL)| 50mL| 50mL| 50mL|
Volume of water & solid (mL)| 53mL| 52mL| 52mL| Volume of solid (mL)| 3mL| 2mL| 2mL|

Density of solid = mass/volume = g/cm3
Sucrose = 5g/3mL = 1.6 g/cm3
Sodium Acetate = 2g/2mL = 1g/cm3
Naphthalene = 2g/2mL = 1g/cm3
During the course of the experiment, the masses of distilled water, methanol and glycerol were taken. After the masses were taken, the densities of each liquid were calculated. Results showed: * Distilled water – 1.01 g/mL

* Methanol – 0.793 g/mL
* Glycerol – 1.27 g/mL
Thus, the results showed that glycerol was the densest, methanol was the least dense and with distilled water being pure, its density was 1.

The same procedure was done for solids. We calculated the densities of 5g of sucrose, 2g of sodium acetate and 2g of naphthalene. The results showed * Sucrose – 1.6 g/cm3
* Sodium acetate – 1g/cm3
* Naphthalene – 1g/cm3
Sucrose came out to be the densest out of the solids and sodium acetate and naphthalene’s densities were both 1g/cm3. Some factors that may have altered the outcome would be human and instrumental error. Human error could be caused by things like misreading the graduated cylinder when measuring out liquids. Instrumental error could have occurred when weighing...
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