Chem 101 Class Notes Week 2

Topics: Atom, Ion, Chemical bond Pages: 4 (507 words) Published: September 17, 2014
Chemistry Week 2 Notes:

Electronic Configuration

N= 1, lowest level and closest to the nucleus
Shell (n): Energy increases from 1-4
4  up to 32 (Max # of electrons in a shell)
3  up to 18
2  up to 8
1  up to 2
Shells are divided into subshells
Subshells consists of orbitals, each orbital can take up to 2 electrons Subshells: Increasing energy from S-F
F  7 (# of Orbitals)  14 (# of Electrons)
D  5  10
P  3  6
S  1  2

The chemical properties of the element (how the element will react) is determined by the number of electrons in the outer shell Valence Shell: Outermost shell (Determines chemical properties of element) Valence Electrons: Electrons in outermost shell

Each row in Periodic Table is new Shell
Each column in Periodic Table is new Electron
Elements in the same column have the same number of (Valence) electrons in the outer (Valence) shell CW:
p.80 Ex: 3.5A
a) Flourine
b) Chlorine
Both contain the same number of Valence Electrons (7e)
P.73 Fig: 3.9
Each element has different configuration therefore they ignite a different color flame/light P. 74 Fig: 3.11
Each element produces a unique line spectrum
“Finger print”

Chemical Bonds

Chemical Reaction: Breaking bonds and creating new ones
Bonds form when Atoms lose, gain, or share electrons
Do this to fill their outer shells (to have 8e)
And to get electron configuration of nearest Noble Gas (Column 8) Bonding is between 2 Atoms
Two Types of Bonds:
When atoms lose or gain electrons they form Ions (-,+)
Oppositely charged Ions are attracted to each other to form Ionic Bonds Na+Cl- (NaCl)
Cations: Positively charged (Na)
Anions: Negatively charged (Cl)
When naming Ionic Compounds, ignore subscript
Mg2+, Cl- = MgCl2
Mg2+, O2- = MgO
K+, O2- = K2O
P.96 Fig: 4.4
Copper (Cu)
Produce more than one ion
Copper (I)...
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