Chekov Anton

Topics: Anton Chekhov, Meaning of life, Love Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Chekov Anton
The Darling
Irony is when things work out the opposite to what they're supposed to, or expected to, and not always in stories. Chekhov's ''Darling'' is a story about a supremely unconscious woman who has no opinions about anything and lives only to be taken over by whatever man or boy she becomes attached to; in the end she is attached to nothing. It is eminently ironic, on the edge of cruelty in the story that she is actually one unhappy person. Chekhov's work also had irony in but instead of something being ironic he was able to show irony through people's actions. He generally emphasized the role of science in his work. He used examples like the expression of emotions and the human loneliness. In his story “Darling” he shows how one lady can be so patient about love (happy) and getting attached very easily to another type of a man that she end up with. In the story, she enjoys every moment and sees the man not as an image that she will be with on a short run but as something that will make her more than just a woman on the long run. Something what will make her happy and unique because she is the type of the women that can’t be alone. From my point of view I feel like compering her with the flower, when she has somebody she is a more then women while she is dying when she is on her own. What's ironic here is that he speaks of the woman as an object; that she is reborn every time that somebody gives love to her. After reading Chekhov's criticisms I feel like he was a very down to earth rider. His pride or ego did not drive him to write, but the thought of passing some wisdom or helping someone realize life is not everything made him a better writer. In the story "The Darling", by Anton Chekhov, Chekhov has a sympathetic attitude towards Olenka. According to him Olenka was a person who needed love and company in order to survive and to have a purpose in life by deriving an identity for herself. Olenka needed the kind of love that would...
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