Cheetah: Demography and Cheetahs Unique Gene

Topics: Demography, Cheetah, Genetics Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: October 26, 2000
The cheetah has been around for many years. Around
12,000 to 10,000 years, (during the Pleistocene Period), ago cheetahs were highly populated. But many mammals during
that period. Some how there were a very few animals, and
correspondingly limited gene pool, survived. The survivors
repopulated the Africa, and the Near East from Arabia to India. Then heavy hunting about a century ago exterminated the
cheetah from much of this area.
Cheetahs have had a lack of genetic variation since their
almost extinction. This lack of variation has some
Many males produce sperm of poor quantity and quality,
while this causes low fertility. Some cheetahs has a sperm
concentration only 10% of that found in members of the
household cat family. Compared to the household cat, the
cheetah has a 71% chance of having abnormal sperm,
compared to the 29% of the household cat.
The cheetah has a very high death rate among their cubs.
They have a 70% death rate. Even in captive breeding
programs, which keep away predators and starvation as no treat, but still 30% of the young till die by six months of their age. Cause of this deleterious recessive genes are taking an
unusually high tall among cheetahs.
Cheetahs, unlike most other animals have a low variability
of genes that involve in fighting diseases. Cause of this, when a disease breaks out in a population, it effects the ones who does not enable them to fight against the disease, which this as what problem the cheetah faces.

All of these problems are some of the main situations
cheetahs and zoos try to keep from everyday. But since cheetahs unique gene pool, they are acceptable to many things that
animals of its kind is not.
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