Cheesecake Factory Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages

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Dorene Utley

Introduction to Business: BUS 100
Professor Cynthia McPherson
July 31, 2013


The Cheesecake Factory boasts profits and productivity in a SWOT analysis with their strengths and weaknesses. To remain successful in a business, the company has to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses. This business started out back in the mid-twentieth century with great production and marketing skills that Oscar and Evelyn Overton achieved together. Unfortunately, the company struggled, when there were not enough money, workers, and product to help the business during those early years. Today there are strengths and weaknesses that the Cheesecake Factory currently may encounter in the company.

According to the Cheesecake Factory website, “The start of The Cheesecake Factory started with her original recipe for cheesecake by Evelyn Overton. By the 1940’s she opened her own small cheesecake shop in Detroit”. In 1978, their son David founded the Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. Just over 30 years later with close to 170 locations, the success of The Cheesecake Factory has even surpassed the Overton’s wildest dreams making The Cheesecake Factory a great American success story”. This business has grown tremendously since the 1940’s with the profits and productivity as well as the competition. The Overton has started out as a partnership, now it is a successful franchising business sparingly throughout the world with a competitive advantage.


During the first months of this 2013, the Cheesecake Factory has strengths and weaknesses that had an impact on the company overall. In examined the Cheesecake Factory strength on (2013) stated, “In the beginning of this year compared to last year there was a 27.2 million difference of fiscal”. Those numbers are...

References: Results_for_First_Quarter_of_Fiscal_____.html
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