Cheeseburger in Paradise

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Cheeseburger in Paradise

1.Executive Summary

Cheeseburger in Paradise is a casual dinning restaurant with a unique theme. Its focus is to provide an environment in which everyone feels welcome and at home. Furthermore, Cheeseburger specializes in great drinks and good old American food with a Caribbean twist.

Market Demographics
A large part of Cheeseburger's market segment is adults from the ages of 25 to 50. Because the theme of our restaurant is based on Jimmy Buffett's famous song we expect a large percentage of our market will be Jimmy's fans. Cheeseburger offers the perfect environment for those who just came out of work and are looking for a place to relax, enjoy a cold drink and eat great food.

Cheeseburger in Paradise is a partnership Outback Steakhouse inc. and Margaritaville holdings Inc. These two corporations are known for providing quality food and service as well as a unique and fun atmosphere. Cheeseburger in Paradise is no exception. We offer high quality food and drinks at reasonable prices. Moreover, Cheeseburger's website provides our "islanders" with an event calendar for every month. We also provide a fun environment, which includes karaoke, live music, every night, and an island store.

Location might be our biggest weakness right now. Cheeseburger in Paradise is located in the Plantation Fashion Mall, which is currently under renovations and does not have a lot of flow. Also we haven't developed a "happy hour" which is a huge trend in south Florida and all of our competition offers. Finally, Cheeseburger has chosen to go with public relations as a method to get know rather than doing TV or print ads. This may cause us to have a slower growth in sales.

They main competition for Cheeseburger in Paradise includes casual restaurants such as Fridays, Quarterdeck, and Applebee's. These are all located on south University Dr. near Cheeseburger and the all offer "happy hour" all day everyday, curbside to go, and competitive prices.

Keys to Success
Provide quality food, drinks, and a welcoming environment that brings people back. Get known through community services and PR work rather than spending big bucks on ads. Finally using our partners' attractive reputations to then prove ours.

2.Marketing Strategies – Market Mix

As part of the Outback Steakhouse Inc., Cheeseburger in Paradise's main goal is quality. Throughout the years, Outback Steakhouse has established an image of its own. Fun laidback place to go and dine, Cheeseburger in Paradise achieves this image as well. With a little uniqueness and a little more spark, Cheeseburger in Paradise fits right in with all the other Outback Steakhouse restaurants. Like Margaritaville, Jimmy Buffet created this fantasy island and its image is very similar. This, of course, means that the party never ends. Again, this unique, laidback island is high quality but not high class. This is a place to get away from the real world. A place where everyone can come relax after a long day of work, and socialize with unique cocktails, great food, and live music. All the fun and relaxation of a paradise island is created and the consumer will not spend his or her whole Christmas bonus on it. Like the wonderful islands in the Caribbean and all over the world, where paradise is found, Cheeseburger in Paradise features some of these qualities as well. As mention before, Jimmy Buffet is the face of the restaurant. Because of this, his views of a perfect paradise are reflected in Cheeseburger in Paradise. The calm casual environment is the perfect place to relax and clear the mind. However, what makes this place really special is that even though the customer is away from the ordinary, he or she can still enjoy a familiar meal. In no other place around, can the customer enjoy a high quality sirloin based burger for a low price. This is what separates Cheeseburger in Paradise from places like Margaritaville....

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