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Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Scientific method, Psychology Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Humanistic Approach Rachel Buttarazzi

Carl Rogers was a neurologist who created ideas about psychological therapy. He published a book about client-centred therapy which includes details of his theories. Client-centred therapy is therapy that is centred on a client with no other affecting contributions. He was an expert of the Humanistic Approach.

The humanistic approach says that humans should be viewed as a whole and not just reduced to component parts. It also states that each individual is unique and must be valued as such. This means their subjective experiences must be taken into account when trying to understand the client, rather than just focusing on one part of them or their life. The humanistic approach also says that human beings are ‘active agents’, they have free will which means they’re able to control and determine their own life.

Rogers invented a therapy called counselling. It is a type of talking therapy that is non directive. Rogers claimed that self-concept occurs during childhood and children develop an awareness of the self. To be psychologically healthy, Rogers said the self-concept and ideal self must be congruent.

Maslow created a hierarchy of needs consisting of: physiological, safety, love, belonging, esteem and self-actualisation. The first four levels of the hierarchy are ‘deficiency needs’ and the highest level is a ‘growth need.’ To be able to self-actualise all deficiency needs must be met first.

The humanistic approach is difficult to falsify because it lacks predictive power. This then means that is unscientific, and so is difficult to prove with scientific evidence. It is unscientific also because it lacks empirical support and cannot be proved true or false because it isn’t subjective.

The approach shows the importance of personal responsibility because we have free will. Everyone makes their own decisions, we are viewed as active agents and we control and determine our development and life. The...
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