Cheerleading Worlds - A Dream for Many

Topics: Cheerleading, Walt Disney World Resort, World Pages: 2 (1004 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Stephanie York
English 1101
27 September 2013
Cheerleading Worlds: A Dream for Many
Loud music, big bows, smells of sweat and perfume and thousands of screaming fans is not a football championship. Electricity and tension fill the air while anxiously waiting for the next team to take the blue-taped off mat to compete for the pride and trophy of being the next world champion in the highly competitive sport of cheerleading. This competition is unknown to a large percent of the population. However, those who enter the gates of the ESPN Wide World of Sports, which is adorned with a large metal world globe that has enlarged metal cut outs of the different continents, during this weekend will observe guys and girls from different countries around the world hoping to execute that perfect two and half minute routine. During that one special weekend in April, girls with their hair tightly pulled back or their head full of curlers and boys with their hair colored with one of their team colors are constantly walking in and out of the beautiful wrought iron gates. Multiple teams are going through their routines just one more time and loud music is everywhere. While walking through the field of constant chatter and laughter, the classic song “We Are the Champions” by Queen could be heard playing in the different venues throughout the Sports Complex. Why was this song constantly being played? Each time the song was played, the birth of a new champion was born. Walking through the venues and throughout the beautiful and well manicured football field, softball field and the gorgeous outside landscapes, the words, “Five, Six, Seven, Eight” were constantly being screamed out by girls and guys of all ages. Also, coaches everywhere where yelling, “Okay, let’s go through the pyramid sequence” or “Go to the beginning of the dance”. The drive and desire by all of the teams was contagious. To be here was a privilege and an honor for all of the athletes. The pride of...
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