Cheerleading Tryouts

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Cheer tryouts

Nerves. Tingling, sensation running through your body and settling in the bottom of your stomach. That is the feeling that anyone and almost everyone feels as they wait there turn to perform.
The 2011 Lanier cheerleading squad try-out process started in late January with lots of paper work and meetings, and ends on march 12 with the announcement of the full cheerleading squad. Throughout that time stress and nerves are what you go through for all candidates. “ I was very nervous, I actually didn’t think I was going to make it. I had no cheer experience at all. The tips I would give is to not look the judges in there eye it makes you a lot more nervous. I have been a cheerleader for 2 years and when I tryout this year ill feel the same way. So my main and top advice to you is try you hardest and don’t give up.” former varsity cheerleader Lilian Dominguez” says. To become a cheerleader you will have to take the following steps. 1. Go to the meeting that’s required.

2. Fill out forms to become a cheerleader that you get from ms.Tabbasco. 3. Get a physical.
4. Go to the cheer clinic where they teach you the cheers/dances. 5. Tryout in front of judges from other schools.
6. If you make it bring your parents to the parent meeting. 7. Pay all fees of $950.00.
8. Go to camp at Texas A&M for 4 days 3 nights.
9. Last but not least you’re a cheerleader.

“ if you don’t follow rules and requirements then your not viking squad material. I can tell you give it your all and try your best. NO matter how bad the punishment and the work out DON’T GIVE UP.” “Jessica Hernadez” cheer captin states.
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