Cheerleading Definition Paper

Topics: Cheerleading, Minnesota Golden Gophers Spirit Squads, Debbie Does Dallas Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Dana Pensabene
Mr. Ford- English 015
July 8, 2011
Their hair tightly pulled back. Their razorbacks, drenched in sweat. They all go up, but most crash right back down. Broken noses, bloody knees, concussions, sprained ankles, black and blues everywhere, and knots up and down their spines. Half of them have their wrists wrapped; cutting off circulation; to support the human that they are about to elevate ten feet high in the air. Girls gripping their own toes above their heads, and their feet next to their faces. It’s Cheerleading. A club? I tend to doubt cheerleading is a club, but that is what it has been considered for years. Competitive cheerleading at Northern Valley Old Tappan High School has been receiving the minimal credits that a ‘club’ offers. The credibility that athletes get for participating in a sport is much more respected and deserved than those of a club. Colleges see the amount of credits a varsity athlete gets, as well as an active club member. Though, a varsity athlete receives more credits. To be a Varsity athlete, you must participate in a sport. That I do, yet I receive the amount of credits as a club member would. So, Mr. Kachele, I’d like to offer you a definition of a sport because you must be misinformed as to what a sport constitutes.

A sport is a psychical activity that requires talent, physical agility, dedication, time, a team and/or a coach. It also is governed by a set of rules, requires practice and is often competitive, yet occasionally played for recreation. Cheerleading fits under all of these categories but is still considered a club at Northern Valley High School. I suppose that what cheerleading once was; a ditzy, delicate, stand by activity for rowdy young teen girls; was considered a club, but that makes sense. Then, cheerleading was by no means a ‘sport’. Current day cheerleading is entirely different… at least at Northern Valley. Having five varsity letters under my belt, and two seasons as...
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