Topics: Cheerleading, Cheering, Education Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Cheerleading Teaches Self Education
I looked up various articles on allstar cheerleading, considering I am currently on a competitive allstar cheer team. I am very dedicated cheerleading and take it very seriously. Within the articles, I found that competitive cheerleading takes a lot of hard work and cooperation. It is one hundred percent a team sport, so it never depends on just one person. Every girl or boy is part of the team. Cheerleaders travel all over the country to compete against other teams to be recognized as the best team. They work very hard all year considering it is such an intense physical sport that at any second you can end up in the hospital on an emergency bed. These girls and boys put their all into this sport and all understand each other. Competitions would not succeed if everyone wasn’t on the same page. Many people argue that cheerleading isn’t a sport, but indeed it is. Not only is cheerleading a sport, but one can learn so much from it. Being on an allstar cheerleading squad teaches you a new skill every practice and competition you attend. It also teaches you to exceed your limit and to never give up on your goals. No individual is holding you back from what you believe in other then yourself. So if you don’t accomplish a goal, it is no ones fault except your own. You can have all the materials and tools you need to succeed and the people to cheer you on, but if you don’t have faith yourself you will not win. This can relate to anything that occurs in one life. It can greatly relate to one's life as a student. A student will not go anywhere in their future career unless they are motivated, confident, and believe in what they are doing. I believe self learning can be taught through anything one puts a lot of effort into doing. Self learning to me is teaching one to believe in his or herself in their personal goals to succeed in their life and what they want to do.
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