Cheering and People

Topics: Cheerleading, Cheering, American football Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: December 5, 2013
If people would ask a cheerleader if they think cheer is a spot, they will say yes. If they would ask anyone else, they would say it is not a sport. Cheerleading is a sport because they work just as hard as anyone else who is in a sport. A cheerleader conditions, they have to be strong, and are competitive.

In cheer, they do conditioning to get in shape, just like every other sport. The coach will make them do all kinds of things, like run a certain amount of laps, and then do jumping jacks, lunges, or other things. Cheerleaders condition at every practice. They have to condition so they can do their routine over and over again during their practice. They also have to condition so they can lift people in the air and keep them there for a while. Another reason why they have to condition is so they can stay tight while doing all there cheers and dances. If they are loose at a competition they will get points taken off. Conditioning is a big part in cheer.

Cheerleaders, especially guys, have to be strong. Guys have to be strong enough to throw a girl up to about their shoulders and the hold them in their hands for a few minutes. Then they have to be able to extend them, so they are in their hands and over their heads. Football players may have to be strong, but they do not have to lift girls up everyday. Everyone from the people being lifted up to the people lifting them up have to be strong. The people in the air must be strong, so they can stay tight and not move to much while they are in the air. If they are doing a one legged stunt, and they are not tight, they will fall and may get hurt. The people lifting the them up must also be strong, so they can lift them up. They also cannot move because the person in the air might lose their balance and could fall. All cheerleaders must also be strong and fit enough to do their routine two hours or more a day, five days a week. Cheerleaders must be about as strong as a football player.

Competitions are not just...
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