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Informative Speech Preparation Outline
Competitive Cheerleading

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter: “Wanna know what it feels like to compete and have all eyes on you?, I am going to sum up what it means to have. B. Credibility Statement: Being a competitive varsity cheerleader for 4 years I know what it takes and what you have to show to get that perfect score. C. Significance Statement: Nearly 2000 teams compete nationwide in cheerleading each year.

D. Identification Statement: Since most of us know a cheerleader or have seen a cheer performance in our lives, we should know a little more about cheerleading. E. Thesis Statement/Preview: Today, I will talk about what competitive cheerleading is, as well as the components of a cheerleading routine. II. Cheerleading has been around for decades but competitive cheerleading has just started making a name for itself over the last 10-20 years.

A. Competitive cheerleading is a cheer teams’ routine that uses the elements of dancing, tumbling, and stunting for a performance.
1. Many of us have seen movies show casing what competitive cheerleading is. 2. According to, the Universal Cheerleading Association or the UCA “holds approximately 100 competitions around the country from September to April every year. There are approximately 2000 teams that compete at UCA competitions each year.”

B. Now, competitive cheerleading is making its way into the lime light trough television.
1. According to an article on line from the magazine “Cheerleader”, “The first nation-wide television broadcast of the Collegiate Cheerleading Championships on CBS-TV was in the Spring of 1978, initiated by the International Cheerleading Foundation.”

2. It wasn’t till 1997 did ESPN start to broadcast cheerleading competitions, which really started bringing out the interest in the sport.1 Transition: With the sport of competitive cheerleading growing people are learning more and more about what goes...

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