Checkpoint Switching

Topics: Packet switching, Circuit switching, X.25 Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Susana Garcia IT242 week 5
Checkpoint Switching

According to the textbook the packet switching networks move data in separate, the small data blocks or packets. When the packets are received they are reassembled in a proper sequence to make up the message. These packets do not depend on any path or connection and can take as many paths as necessary; this process is to maintain data integrity depending on the traffic load. The packet switched networks are used in LAN networks. The circuit switched is different from the packet switched because this requires point-to-point connections during calls. This guarantees a full bandwidth of the channel and remains connected during al the communications session, also the circuit switched networks can pass signals through several switched before established a connection, however during that call no other network can us those switches. This circuit switched networks are regularly used in telecommunications like phone lines, ISDN signals etc. There are some advantages of a packet switched network but the biggest is that even if there are a lot of traffic on the network the packets will still reach their destination but sharing bandwidth with other data, however this is a disadvantage because since they share bandwidth the information takes more time to reach their destination. Also there circuit switched have the advantage that the circuit is dedicated to the call, there are no sharing and this guaranteed quality of service, however one of his disadvantages is that take a relative long time to set up the circuit.
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