Checkpoint: Evaluation and Judgement

Topics: Person, Phonation, People Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: May 12, 2009
What are the different ways in which we evaluate people?
We evaluate people in many different ways. On a first contact with someone, we evaluate the things on the surface such as the persons clothing, hair style, the gestures they make and their demeanor when they are speaking to you, as well as the tone of voice they use. We are instantly able to place people in our own pre made categories based on these evaluations. If the person has a soft or pleasant tone in their voice we are more opt to feel comfortable around them rather than someone with a harsh tone to their voice, just like with a positive or negative appearance of a person.

How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people? Based on our evaluations of people we make certain expectations of them because we convince ourselves that these are what are acceptable of them. A person wearing an outfit that would make us assume they work in the medical field, we would also probably automatically assume that they are very knowledgeable in medical related issues, and our expectations of them would much higher them then of someone we may come into contact with in a retail store. Our appearance makes people make assumptions of our wealth, job, and personality based on our preconceived ideas of what people are supposed to be.

What are the disadvantages of these expectations?
Expecting things of people we do not know a lot about can be very incorrect and may not only make us look bad, but may seriously hurt the person we are making expectations about. Expecting someone with a harsh tone to their voice to be mean or considered not nice can be very incorrect because some people just have voice tones that tend to come off harsher than others, but that does not make them a bad person. Huge disadvantages of expectations are based on someone’s race simply because we are conditioned to feel a certain way based on societal views that we have heard over and over again, as well as...
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