Checkpoint: Development of Corrections

Topics: Prison, Penal labour, Recidivism Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: April 25, 2013
CheckPoint: Development of Corrections
Christina Whitaker
April 24, 2013
Frederick Waltz

In today’s society a prison is a place in which people are physically confined and usually deprived of such a wide range of personal freedoms. Basically in overall imprisonment or incarceration is a penalty that may have been imposed by the state for the crime that the individual has committed.

Before the 1800s prisons for women it was non-existent. The prisons were a combination of men, women and children all together in one room. In the 1800s women who were put into the prison were being treated just like the way the men in the prison were being treated. However the women who were in the prison basically had to endure the hard labor like cleaning, cooking, laundry and sewing. But however though they were expected to act like the way a lady should act, but in a way they were still being treated like a man. Now in today’s women prison a lot of things have changed to where women are being kept separated from the men even though in a certain state there are men and women in the same prison but in different buildings. Also prisons offer prisoners educations course for them to earn their high school GED, also a job training to make it easier for the prisoner to be able to maintain a job and a bed for them to sleep in.

The three basic arguments established in the 1800s that supported the separation of juvenile prisoners from adult prisoners would be that if the juveniles were put into the same penitentiary with the adults. Second, people would feel that that the juveniles would learn bad habits from the older inmates. Third, the adolescents may be reformed if they had been diverted early into the institution that is designed specifically for youths of their age.

In all honesty our youth has been both misguided and mislead when it comes down to making a mistake even while breaking the law. However if there were no distinction at all between the juveniles and...
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