Checkpoint: Conservation and Preservation

Topics: Natural environment, United States, Rocky Mountains Pages: 1 (271 words) Published: July 12, 2010
There is a difference between conservation and preservation. The major difference between the two is conservation is the sensible use of the natural resources by maintaining the sustainability of them for our future generation. In contrast preservation is to maintain nature and our resources in their present state. I actually do not believe that humans can harvest resources in an environmentally friendly way. I feel this way because if our human race were to begin to get resources from our national forests that we would end up destroying it. Eventually we would move on to other forests and consume all those resources and destroy them as well. By the time we would realize what harm we were doing to the forests it would be too late. I believe that we should leave the forest as is and preserve the forests and leave the resources in their present state. In the case of Bridger Teton wilderness, I do not believe we leave the area open for exploration for oil and gas. I think that we would destroy our national forests by doing so. If we were to start exploration and we were to find oil, this would mean that the wildlife would be destroyed. “It probably doesn’t get any more precious for wildlife and scenic and recreational values in the Northern Rockies of the United States than this area right here. There’s even a wild and free-ranging bison herd behind us in the Jackson Hole area that is increasing. These are the last great wildlife herds in America’s Northern Rockies.”( Linda R. Berg, 2004. Visualizing Environmental Science)
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