Checkpoint Computer Comparison

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CheckPoint: Computer Comparison

CIS 105

My computer is one year old. That is we bought it exactly one year ago, but in today’s view it might as well be ten years old. Technology with computers is so fast paced, that as soon as my computer hit the store’s display it was obsolete. I have 2.00 GB in RAM, 32-bit operating system, and it is an Intel Celeron Processor at 2.20 GH2. I was not willing to check my ROM because I was told that I would have to shut down the computer to do this and then immediately do a test that would then take 30-60 minutes to complete.

I have many input devices such as; speakers, mouse, keyboard, digital camera, head phones, router, scanner, microphone, and digital camcorder. I have a monitor and printer as output devices. My tower has a CD and DVD player as well as a CD and DVD burner. This makes it possible for me to copy CDs and DVDs on to an empty CD or DVD. I know that I could upgrade by getting a webcam, but my family has no need for that. I have also downloaded Microsoft Office Student edition software. I have not uploaded much on to my computer for fear of any viruses that I may not be able to get rid of.

My husband sells computers and other merchandise for his job. He is continuously telling me about the latest and greatest computer that they are selling in his store. The newest computer that he is selling right now is the Asus Essentio Desktop with Intel® Pentium® Processor. This computer has 2 processing cores, 800MHz front side bus, 2MB L2 cache and 2.7GHz processor speed which is much faster than my computer with much more RAM also. According to, this computer “features classic 2-way processing performance, letting you run multiple applications simultaneously, so you can browse, send instant messages, download music and transfer photos all at once.” This computer has 6 GB of DDR3 memory, 750GB Serial ATA hard drive (7200 rpm), Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500, Digital media reader, 8 high-speed...

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