Checkpoint Audience Analysis

Topics: Acronym and initialism, Jargon, Language Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: December 7, 2008
CheckPoint: Audience Analysis

I think the most important step to write an effective manual, is to know the general characteristic of my audience. This will determine the appropriate vocabulary, structure, tone, and depth of content.

In order to write an effective user manual that explains the installation and operation of a “3-in-1 Color Inkjet Printer” I need to recognize my readers and their level of understanding. When writing this user manual I will be confronted with multiple audiences; people with different level of understanding and different reasons to purchase this product. These readers have divers understanding of the product, some would be high tech, some would be low tech. In order to meet their needs and expectations I need to include an introduction that provides the necessary background data. I would choose a tone that is appropriate for all of these audiences, a tone that is neither too ingratiating nor too authoritative.

While writing the user manual I will be communicating with audiences at different levels varying from high tech audiences to lay audiences. While it is easy for the high tech readers to grasp the technical terms and abbreviations, it is not quit the same for lay readers who have no prior knowledge of technical jargon. To increase the readability of the manual and cover all of the readers I will provide extended definition of any abbreviation, jargon, and acronym that I use in the manual as well as a glossary at the end of the manual for the lay readers that are not familiar with those technical terms.

My audience will be composed of people with diverse background, gender, language religion, and culture. I will create my manual in a way that is not offensive to any culture, race, religion, gender, and age group to make sure the manual will be welcomed by all readers.

Since the “3-in-1 Color Inkjet Printer” will be sold worldwide it is important to create a user manual that can be translated...
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