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Check Point: Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

The SDLC or Systems Development Life Cycle is a way of solving business problems using seven phases, The analyst should be able to see if some aspects of information systems applications can help the business reach its objectives through addressing specific problems or opportunities.

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Problems  make sure youre addressing theco r r ect problems! ‡
Opportunities - situations that can be improved
Objectives - how can the organization reach its objectives via computerized IS ‡
Personnel involved:
User management.
Systems management.
A problem can be defined as the difference between things aspe rc e ive d and things asde sire d. Ifa difference does not exist between what you perceive you have and what you desire to have, then there is no problem.In our process, we first need to understand if there really is a problem. This definition of a problem is different from many other ways to define the word problem.It addresses the gap between our perceptions of what our customer wants and what they actually desire. One advantage of this definition is that it emphasizes that there are many ways to solve a problem: ‡

Change the customers perception of what they have now. For example, many of the requests for enhancements that Microsoft gets are for features that already exist. ‡
Change the customers current desire. For example, if the customers find that what they want will cost millions of dollars over their budget, then maybe they will scale back their desires and focus on solving a simpler problem. ‡

Change the gap between what customers want and what they actually desire.A software solution is usually an attempt to narrow the gap.
ProblemAnalysis Steps:
1.Identifys ta k eh o ld er s.
2.Understand the root causes.
3.Gain agreement on the problem definition.
4.Identify constraints on the system or project....
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