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Check, Please
During spring break, I have plenty of time to watch Bay Area local TV program Check, Please! It is a popular program for reviewing and describing different local restaurants. In each episode, they invite three guests sitting together with the host to discuss three eating establishments, each guest recommends one his/her favorite restaurant on the show, and everyone in the group is required to visit other person selection. Then, they start to discuss their experience. Leslie Sbrocco, who has blond hair and wore a black white spot suit with light blue fancy necklace, is the host of the show. He talks with her charming smile throughout the whole program. Her guests were two guys named Brian and Gary, and a lady, Beth. Brian is one middle age white person who wore blue shirt with the warm smile to introduce his favorite restaurant Rhea’s Market and Deli. He is funny guy and told us how he found the amazing place to eat. Gary looks order than Brian, and he is hairstylist. He wore black blouse with long black beard. His favorite restaurant is Sauce where served late night dinner, and there services special new American food with lots of thought and passion. The last guest, Beth, is an Airline Pilot. She is also blond hair and wore pink blouse with diamond necklace. She favorite place is The Girl and The Fig where locates Sonoma the good place for wine tasting. On the show, three guests sit around the host. The room looks like a dining room and a big table put on the middle which set four glasses of white wine for each guest and the host. They were enjoyable and talked to each other experiences in the restaurants. First of all, Brian highly recommended his favorite restaurant Rhea’s Market and Deli which looks like a liquor store, but they also sell delicious and fresh sandwiches. It is located in Mission district. That is a small deli store which only has one long table and five chairs along the sidewalk with clear windows. The first...
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