Cheating in America

Topics: High school, Cheating, Education Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: November 2, 2008
The Cheating Losers
Students across America are developing new ways of cheating. They use their cell phones, pda’s, friends, and notebooks to obtain answers. This is a ridiculous way to learn because it is unfair to the majority of the students that actually go home and study. In some schools teachers approve of certain cheating methods. Regardless of the case cheating is wrong and should be banned from all schools nation wide.

In Dayton, Ohio, students had to take state-wide math tests. One hundred percent of the students passed the practice test. However, “when the proctor came to administer the actual test, nearly 47 percent failed” (Crowley 1). In the old days a child would be punished for cheating. Now specialists are called in to view what problems they may have as a student and blame the school.

One method of cheating is the use of cell phones. These technological advances have made it so simple for a student to get the answers to a test just by the push of a button. Instantly all the answers are automatically transferred to your phone. “They could be in the form of a picture of your notes, to a website with massive information. If those options aren’t available then one can simply text a friend, a smart friend” (Crowley 1). The worst part is that the student next to you could have stayed up for hours studying for the test that you just electronically sent to your phone.
The problem is not only that the students cheat, but they admit to it. “A whopping 95 percent of high school students say they’ve cheated during the course of their education” (Crowley 1). They admit to it because they are aware the school will do no such discipline actions. They discard all the evidence and appear to be the average student, or sometimes a scholar. This is seen not only in high school but in the mature setting of college campuses across America.

In my school system I am aware of the policies that take place for cheating acts. I have witnessed...
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