Cheating at School

Topics: Homework, University, Cheating Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Hassan Alnasser
April 19, 2012
No one disagrees that the cheating is bad habit even the cheater will admit that. The students inherit that bad habit among them. The students can cheat in university, school, or any other places. The teachers should observe the students during the tests, and there should be a strict punishment for cheater to stop this bad habit. I think the main three reasons for cheating in schools or universities are most students don't have enough time, the students want to get high grade, and it is very easy for them to cheat. The first reason for cheating is the students do not have enough time. Most students get back from university or school to home late, so they do not have time to study or do their homework, therefore they cheat, and also they have a lot of other things to do with studying. For example, students want to watch TV, do exercise, and cook because our life is not just study and do homework. Furthermore, the teachers give the students a lot of homework to do; they don't have time, so they limit their time by cheating and finish their homework quickly. In addition, many students have part-time job, and some of them work 4 hours a day and that a long time especially for students because they have to study and work at the same time. For example, If student study in university for 7 hours and the same student has a part-time job, he will not have time to do his homework or study for exam, so he will resort to cheat instead of do it by himself. The second reason is the students want to get high grade. They want to get a high grade, and they want to finish their education, and they don't want to repeat the same level two times because they will money, so they want to pass to next level and they don't worry about their future because that might effect on their job in future. For example, when they apply for job, 2

some jobs need to take a test before they work, so if they...
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