Topics: Health, Preference, Swimming pool Pages: 4 (731 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Activity 1:
1. I could ask the client first, and then observe how client react and prefer in their daily life. 2. – Ask client him/herself.
* Listen to client when he/she talk about his/her friends and family. 3. I might encourage and facilitate a client to attend social and recreational activities involved their social network by; 4.1 Cheer up client honestly.

4.2 Select activities that the client preferred.
4.3 Create good environment that support client’s mental health. 4. I might encourage and facilitate a client to attend social and recreational activities that promote the development of social network by; 4.1 Introduce new friends to client.

4.2 Suggest client to attend new activities that benefit him/her. 4.3 meet up client with his/her satisfaction.
Activity 2:
1. For swimming;
* Set up support instrument to swim.
* Find swimming pool that has lifeguards and easy to access for disable person. * Tell pool’s lifeguard, manager and swimming coach to support Mary. For educational group;
* Find schools, class or communities which want the seniors to tell stories about her life and experience. * Set up transport route for Mary to go easily.
* Tell bus drivers, school principal, teacher or manger of community activities to accept Mary. 2. Provide transport routes, swimming pool map and regulations.

Activity 3:
1. Tom’s circumstances that might have impact on his health are; * Malnutrition
* Hypothermia
* Depression
2. Processes, actions and circumstances that might support Tom’s good health are; * Encourage Tom to make easy meal by himself, so he would have sufficient money to pay Gas bill and then his heating could operate in winter. * Suggest Tom to do some part-time to get more money and he will have friends and exercise. 3. I might teach Tom to make an easy meal and do it together when I can.

Activity 4:
1. I would support Delores’ health...
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