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Canterbury Tales Essay
Geoffery Chaucer, a man known as a “Father of English Literature” wrote The Canterbury Tales, which contributed to the development of English Literature. Chaucer has influenced many people through his writtings. Geoffery Chaucer was born in London, England in 1340. Chaucer began writting The Canterbury Tales when he was about 40 years old, but sadly did not finish it. The Canterbury Tales tells a story about 30 people on a pilgrimage. Along this pilgrimage they amuse themselves by telling stories to one another. Chaucher the “Father of English Literature” is known as one of the greatest English poets in the Middle Ages, due to his works. In “The Life and Times of Chaucer” is states “Englands great poet of gentleness and compassionn walked every day in a city...”(140). Through Irony, Humor, and Religious Criticism Chaucer is proven to be the “Father of English Literature”.

Geoffery Chaucer is considered the “Father of English Literature” through his use of irony. Chaucer uses irony to attack many of the characters in The Canterbury Tales. From the words of Helterman and Mitchell “He is the last pilgrim to be introduced in a sweep that goes down the social order to him.",which ironic because you would excpect him to be a higher social class. In the Prolouge, Chaucer talks about the Friar. The Friar is a man living a humble life, and helping the poor, but he comes across some problems making him pick between the poor, and the wealthy. In the Prolouge it states “Better tahn lepers, beggars, and that crew, For in so eminent a man as he it was not fitting with the dignity...” (246-248). The Friar makes everyone believe that he is a noble, and humble man, but in reality he really wants to be known with the wealthy. In the “Wife of Bath’s Tale” a man is sent to find out what a women really wants in life. In the story Chaucer uses ignorance to convey irony. In the “Wife of Bath’s Tale” it states "My lady and my love and wife so dear, I...
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