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ChartLogic Software
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June 12, 2012
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Everyday, the lives of hundreds lies in the hands of health systems; whether it is something serious or something minor. Everyday, the lives of hundreds depends on medicine, and treatments, in order to survive another day. Everyday, new researches and software’s are being developed in order to better patients’ services. As a patient they want to know and feel that they’re personal and medical information is being secure. Patients don’t want to feel that there is the need to worry about their information getting leaked to a third party that isn’t involved in their illness or members who don’t have the patients consent to share information. They want to be able to go for a checkup knowing that the clinic has all their information from their previous visits. Many patients also rely on their patients, and clinic or hospital to keep all information together instead of having to redo a process that’s been done before. ChartLogic software is an electronic health record (EHR) or better said an electronic medical record (EMR). According to EMR vs. EHR (2011), EMR is a digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s office. An EMR contains a patient’s medical and treatment history in one practice. EMRs have advantages over paper records. Some of the following things that EMRs allow clinicians to do are as follow: 1. Track data over time

2. Easily identify which patients are due or preventive screenings or checkups 3. Check how their patients are doing on certain parameters, such as blood pressure readings or vaccinations 4. Monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice ChartLogic was found in 1994 which was once called Task Technologies back then. The name ChartLogic didn’t get its name until 2003. ChartLogic was discovered by a doctor and a health IT provider, who dreamed of ways to solve problems that were adjoining patient chart management. This software serves more than 2,000 physicians nationwide. The software offers two extensive electronic health record solutions that include electronic medical records, superior medical billing software, document management, and interactive patient education. This software has helped thousands of practices across country in making the change to digital medical offices and by doing so; it has helped erase annual transcription costs and the cost of managing paper (Better technology...better patient, 2012).

According to Better Technology…Better Patient (2012), ChartLogic is used by physicians to help deliver top quality patient care through better technology as well as assist medical practices in becoming more proficient by removing the hassle and cost of managing paper. ChartLogic is often chosen as the software of choice because it makes physicians live easier. It is also believed that ChartLogic users make up one of the largest groups of eligible professionals to be paid, due to the speed at which they were able to be certified and the speed at which the users were able to install, train, and use the certified software. Some MD’s stated the following about ChartLogic: “The implementation of ChartLogic into our practice has increased the quality and accessibility of our patient medical records, while at the same time eliminated transcription and other overhead costs,” – Dr. James W. Strickland, Founder, Reconstructive Hand Surgeons of Indiana “The number one reason we chose ChartLogic is that the note we send out is accurate and not an individual’s best guess as to what we mean to say. It is also immediate the document is prepared in minutes rather than days.”- Douglas Lindsey MD General Surgery “ChartLogic gives us immediate record of patient visits and immediate record of procedures, saving us time and allowing us to have much more timely reimbursement. We’ve actually had insurance companies comment that they are very impressed with the clear and easy to under format of our...

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