Charteris Black Politicians and Rhetoric the Persuasive Power of Metaphor

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Politicians and Rhetoric
The Persuasive Power of Metaphor

Jonathan Charteris-Black

Politicians and Rhetoric

Also by Jonathan Charteris-Black

Politicians and Rhetoric
The Persuasive Power of Metaphor
Jonathan Charteris-Black

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Preface 1 Persuasion, Legitimacy and Leadership 1.1 Language and leadership 1.2 The art of speech making 1.3 Persuasion and rhetoric 1.4 Metaphor 1.5 Metaphor in political argumentation 1.6 Ideology and myth 1.7 Critical Metaphor Analysis and cognitive semantics 1.8 Summary 2 Churchill: Metaphor and Heroic Myth 2.1 Background 2.2 The rhetoric of Winston Churchill 2.3 Metaphor analysis 2.4 Personification 2.5 Journey metaphors 2.6 Metaphors of light and darkness 2.7 Nested metaphors 2.8 Summary 3 Martin Luther King: Messianic Myth 3.1 Background 3.2 Messianic myth 3.3 The rhetoric of Martin Luther King 3.4 Metaphor analysis: source domains 3.4.1 Introduction to findings 3.4.2 Journey metaphors 3.4.3 Landscape metaphors 3.5 Metaphor analysis: target domains 3.5.1 Segregation metaphors 3.5.2 Metaphors for non-violence 3.6 Metaphor interaction 3.7 Summary vii

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viii Contents

4 Margaret Thatcher and the Myth of Boedicia 4.1 Background: the Iron Lady 4.2 The rhetoric of Margaret Thatcher 4.2.1 SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC PROBLEMS ARE ENEMIES 4.2.2 INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS IS A BATTLE 4.2.3 POLITICAL OPPONENTS ARE ENEMIES 4.2.4 Summary of Margaret Thatcher’s rhetoric 4.3 Metaphor analysis 4.3.1 Journey metaphors 4.3.2 Health metaphors 4.3.3 Metaphors for religion and morality 4.3.4 Metaphors of life and death 4.3.5 Animal metaphors 4.3.6 Master–servant metaphors 4.3.7 Other metaphors 4.4 Summary 5 Clinton and the Rhetoric of Image Restoration 5.1 Background 5.2 The rhetoric of Bill Clinton: metaphor and image presentation 5.3 Metaphor analysis 5.3.1 Creation and...
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