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Charms and Omens

By Flora9 Dec 27, 2012 702 Words
Charms are the trinkets that are worn, believing that these particular things will do good or avert evil from the people who wear these.

The Kabbalah red string bracelet is worn to ward off all evils and negative energy. Kabbalists are of the belief that if someone is jealous of you, they look at you with the "evil eye" and thus, negative energy enters your life, which can harm you in many ways. Kabbalists wear a red string bracelet, at all times, as according to their religion, it will eliminate all kinds of negativity from your life. It is also believed that if a red string bracelet is worn by the entire family, it is like a spiritual blessing for everyone, which will last for generations! It will make the family members connect better and act as each other's support, in times of need. According to some red string bracelet meanings and interpretations, it is known to keep the family members protected against diseases, poverty and curses.

Besides this, a red string bracelet is known to have supernatural powers, which protect the wearer from all kinds of harm. It is believed that if people who are single and lonely, wear a red string bracelet, they will soon have new people in their lives. Single people, who are looking for love, will find their soul mates, if they wear the red string bracelet every day. Kabbalahs.

Wearing any kind of Charm is Shirk (opposite of tawheed) and Allah (SWT) will never forgive this tremendous sin. This Charm, the Kabbalah bracelet conflicts much with Tawheed ar Ruboobiyah. It conflicts with Tawheed ar Ruboobiyah because Kabbalah`s power of protecting from diseases, poverty and curses is only done by Allah. It is also related to Shirk al Asmaa was Sifaat as well: Because people are giving Allah`s name All Protector and All Sustainer to the Charm.

Omens are the signs through which people try to guess or predict what is coming in the future.
Peacocks Feathers
Peacock feathers were worn by Mongol warriors, due to which in Eastern Europe, peacock feathers are considered as a symbol of bad luck. As peacock is considered to be a seer of everything due to its multiple eyes, it is considered to be a symbol of bad luck, and so it is never allowed inside a home. There is a superstitious belief, which states that a person sleeping on a bed which has peacock feathers on it, will bring death to the sleeper. Peacocks are also considered as vain and foolish birds. They tend to display their feathers as a sign of vanity.

Peacocks are very protective about their young ones, and so many times women get a peacock feather tattoo to symbolize this. One more myth states that the peacock is a slayer of serpents, and it can transform the venom of snakes into solar iridescence, which is seen in its feathers.

These were the various peacock and peacock feathers symbol meanings. So, all in all peacock and its feathers symbolizes vanity, pride, royalty, spirituality, kindness, love, compassion, good will, bad luck, protectiveness, glory, beauty, life, health, radiance, resurrection, renewal, stimulation and life.

Peacocks Feathers.

All kinds of Omens are fictions and are shirk and there is high chance that Allah will never forgive this dangerous sin. It contradicts with all categories of tawheed in the following ways: Tawheed al Asmaa was Sifaat: Because people are giving Allah`s attribute of All Knower All Seer to the Omen. Tawheed ar Ruboobiyah: Because the Omens bringing death is only in Allah`s hand. Tawheed al Uloohiyah: Because of its protection from snakes, people are putting trust in Omen except Allah.
For Charms, the Prophet (saw) invokes curse on the one wearing Charms and belief in it, “May Allah cause failure to those who hang charms or puts on others as well.” For Omens, the Prophet said, “Whoever does Tiyaara or makes someone do it for himself is not from us.” So, by this we can come to know how much dangerous Charms and Omens are. These are indeed some of the shirk for which Jannah will be forbidden for their believers. So we Muslims should always be careful about them. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

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