Charlotte s Web Essay Ethan Maki

Topics: Friendship, Meaning of life, Novel Pages: 2 (286 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Ethan Maki
Mrs. Spencer
Freshman Honors English
3 February 2015
Charlotte’s Web Essay
E.B. White wrote the novel Charlotte’s Web. In the novel Charlotte’s Web a pig named Wilbur gets a chance at life thanks to a little girl named Fern and a spider named Charlotte. The author shows that a real friend will help you even if he or she has nothing to gain from doing so. Throughout the novel, Charlotte is always willing to help Wilbur. She spins words into her web to save Wilbur’s life, even though spinning the words is exhausting and challenging for her. Charlotte remains a true friend, and helps Wilbur for one reason only- because she cares about him. On the other hand the rat, Templeton, is not a real friend to Wilbur. In fact, Templeton only helps Wilbur when something pertains to or affects him. When asking to help save Wilbur’s life he refuses at first, declaring, “Let him [Wilbur] die” (90). Later on, he agrees to pitch in, but only because he desires to keep eating Wilbur’s meals. At the end of the book, Wilbur shows that he has learned the true meaning of friendship. He helps Charlotte by taking her egg sac back to the barn, where he knows her babies will stay safe. He does this deed not for selfish reasons, but out of concern for his friend. In Charlotte’s Web, the author shows that a true friend will help you even if he or she gains nothing from doing so. Reading this book made me realize the importance of helping others. It also helped me realize that you have to stand by your friends when they need you to really be a true friend.
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