Charlie Ravioli

Topics: Imaginary friend Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Alvin Huynh
Professor Cantor
English 100
13 September 2012
Through Another Pair of Eyes
The perception of life through someone else’s eyes can alter one’s appreciation toward that particular lifestyle. Culture is perceived differently depending on the type of environment in which we grow accustomed to. It can also range from the type of location in which we live in. For instance, someone living in a different state would have a different perception of the way we do things compared to their ways. In the essay “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli,” by Adam Gopnik, the view on life is seen differently when viewed in Gopnik’s perception. However, this perception of life changes when viewed in a different point of view. Gopnik’s perception of life through the eyes of his daughter leads him to understanding and experience an unfamiliar type of lifestyle in which he is not accustomed to. As he begins to recognize and experience this new type of atmosphere, Gopnik starts to appreciate the New York experience and understands the type of lifestyle that he must adapt to in order to live in New York. Viewing life through someone else’s eyes can ultimately change the perception of someone to appreciate and accept the type of lifestyle that must be accustomed to living in that particular environment.

To begin with, Gopnik’s perception of life through his daughter’s eyes leads him to acknowledge the lifestyle of a person living in New York and learn to appreciate it. Gopnik begins to realize how busy the city of New York really is and how no one ever has time to play or hangout. He notices this through his daughter’s perspective of her imaginary friend, Charlie Ravioli. Charlie Ravioli is always busy and never has time to play with Olivia. Gopnik soon realizes how vigorous the lifestyle of someone living in New York involves. In addition, Gopnik contacts his sister to resolve the issue of how Olivia’s imaginary friend never has time to play with her. She replies, “I’m sure that...
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