Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Speech

Topics: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willy Wonka / Pages: 7 (1578 words) / Published: Sep 26th, 2006
The book Charlie and the chocolate factory was written in 1964. The story is about a man named Willy Wonka who owns a world famous yet mysterious chocolate factory and a boy named Charlie Bucket who is a poor boy yet in the face of all the suffering he goes through he maintains the attitude of a good boy who puts others before himself. The book uses many narrative techniques such as setting, characterization, conflict and resolution and other techniques to present the themes of the book. I am Chris Atkins and I will be talking to you today about these themes and the how in the book they are shown using one or more of the techniques described above.
(3mins)Charlie Bucket is a poor boy who lives in the shadows of a grand chocolate factory. He lives with his parents and his grandparent and they all share the one bed. Charlie's favorite grandparent and his best friends Joe use to work in the Chocolate factory which towers over their home. He tells Charlie stories of the mysterious factory he once worked in. Charlie's family is so poor that only once a year, on his birthday, can Charlie have a Wonka bar from the factory. Willy Wonka the owner of the factory who has been in hiding for 10 years suddenly appeared to announce a contest in which 5 chocolate bars somewhere in the world contained a golden ticket. This ticket would give the recipient a tour of Willy Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory. Quickly 4 of the golden tickets were snatched up. Charlie received his traditional Wonka bar for his birthday and opened it in anticipation to see if it contained the last golden ticket. It did not. On the way home from school the next day Charlie found a dollar and he took it to the candy store to buy another Wonka bar. This time Charlie did indeed find the final golden ticket. Charlie and 4 other children gathered for the tour of a life time they were about to receive. Throughout the tour the bad children meet with unfortunate fates due to their behavioral problems. Augusta

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