Charles Manson

Topics: Charles Manson, Crime, Family Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Final Research Paper

Your final research paper shall be written on a real world criminal offender, from any time. You shall include the history of the offender, both personal and criminal, you should include the cases impact on the community, and you shall also apply a particular criminological theory or theories that explain his/her criminal behavior.

Charles Manson born as Charles Milles Maddox at Cincinnati Hospital in 1934 in Cincinnati Ohio to a very young mother Kathleen Maddox. Kathleen was only 15 when she ran a way from home because her parents were spiritually strict and Kathleen rebeled and refused to accept the rules. Shorty after she ran away she gave birth to Charles at the very young age of 16, unwed, alone and no idea who Charles biological father was, she turned to alcoholism and prostitution with no intention of keeping Charles to provide him a healthy loving home environment. Not to long after Charles’ birth Kathleen married William Manson, giving the famous name we know of Charles today, Charles Manson. Charles grew up moving from one family member to another. When Charles was only 5 years old his mother Kathleen and Uncle Luther were convicted of sexual assault while holding up a gas station, Kathleen and Luther were both sentenced to prison, later where Luther eventually ended up dying. Charles lived with grandfather and grandmother (Kathleens parents) but he ran away, despite the love and secure home life they provided him. Charles ran back to his mother who then sent him to live with his Aunty who also was very spiritual and loved him dearly but Charles ran away from there too. Charles began his criminal career at the very young age of 9 by stealing. Charles attended Walnut High School and upon turning 13 his mother tried to place him into foster care and when unsuccessfull she sent him off to Gibault School for Boys, a reform school in Terre Haute, Indiana, Indiana. After a short year living in Indiana, Charles ran away back to...
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