Charles & Keith

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Charles &Keith

Sales Plan

DSMM 203
Sales Management
14th Intake, Full-time,
Semester 1
Lecturer: Ms. Imelda Tan
Students: Huang Siqi, Liu Rui, Pham Thu Huong

Table of Contents

Cover page-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Table of contents-----------------------------------------------------------------------2 Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Definition of prospects---------------------------------------------------------------4 Existing customers

Potential customers
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) -----------------------------------5 Customer acquisition
Customer retention
Sales goals--------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 Training and development program----------------------------------------------9 Identify the firm’s training needs

Assessing the firm’s training efforts
Develop the training program
Selecting and recruiting salespeople--------------------------------------------15 Motivation and rewards program-----------------------------------------------16 Compensation systems-------------------------------------------------------------17 Direct salary

Indirect salary
The total compensation
Performance reviews----------------------------------------------------------------18 Purpose of the performance evaluation
Evaluation content
People do the evaluation
Assessment method

1. Introduction

Charles and Keith is one of the many popular brands in Singapore that made it worldwide. It is known for its women’s shoes, bags, sunglasses and accessories that make women feel confident and reduce the stress in the daily life within affordable prices. First Charles & Keith store opened as a small and simple shoe store at Amara Hotel arcade in the Central Business District of Singapore. The brand soon became very popular and seeing the potential for further expansion, Charles & Keith expended at least 250 stores into more than 32 countries. It became the International branding. Moreover, it launched an extension line for men’s footwear called Pedro in 2005. Charles & Keith looks set to continue to be a favorite brand for women coming from all walks of life. Nowadays, there are 30 stores in Singapore.

As the new Sales Director of Charles & Keith for Singapore market, I was requested to prepare a sales plan for Charles & Keith in Singapore 2014. This sales plan includes sales goals, analysis of customers and how to make Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system works, there is also a series of activities need to be implemented for our own salespeople which make them become more professional.

2. Definition of prospects

2.1Existing customers
Customers are the most important people for any organization. The relationship between the customer and the company is a kind of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation. Charles & Keith has a group of loyal customers, because of following reasons: Our company’s vision is to be the most admired fashion-forward company, we launch 20 different types of new products every week, we demonstrated that we focus on innovation with a number of creative collections which can meet different needs of customers, thus, people like it; Secondly, and our mission is to offer high quality products and services, with a commitment to perfection, hence, our customer trust us with our continuous high qualities and warm services; lastly is about price, the prices of Charles and Keith’s products are often lower than other competitors. Our products such as footwear, we have flats, boots, clogs, heels and wedges, they are for different aged women. Moreover, our handbags and shoes are in the different styles and designs which are suit for any occasion....

Charles, M. (2013). ABC’s of Relationship Selling through Service. 12th Edition.
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