Charles Drew Biography Report

Topics: Blood transfusion, Blood bank, Blood Pages: 4 (981 words) Published: October 18, 2014
 The person I chose to do my report on is Charles Richard Drew. I chose Charles Drew because he was a black doctor that worked with transfusing blood. I know that when people are sick or get shot and lose a lot of blood they may need a blood transfusion to help them live. I also know that blood transfusions are very important for people that have Sickle Cell because their blood gets infected and has to be replaced. I think that a black male doctor that worked with blood research is interesting. I do not know a lot of black doctor’s so to research someone that specialized in this area is why I decided to research Charles Drew. Charles Drew was born June 3, 1904 in Washington, D.C. His mother’s name was Nora Burrell and his father’s name was Richard Y. Drew. He was the oldest of five children. Charles Drew attended one of the strongest black public schools in the country; Dunbar High School. While at Dunbar he played football, baseball, basketball, ran track, and was an award winning swimmer. He graduated in 1922 and was awarded a partial athletic scholarship to Amherst College. After graduating from Amherst, he worked at Morgan State University for two years as a biology teacher and the college’s athletic director. Charles also attended Mc Gill University in 1928 and graduated second in his class with Masters of Surgery and Doctor of Medicine degrees. In 1935, he was an instructor of pathology at Howard University in Washington D.C. and also worked as a resident at Freedmen’s Hospital. In 1939, he attended Columbia University and worked as a resident at Columbia University Presbyterian Hospital, where he started to do the majority of his research on blood and blood transfusions. Charles Drew was the first black to receive a Doctor of Medical Science Degree from Columbia. On September 29, 1939, Charles married Lenore Robbins and had four children. In 1940, Charles and three other doctors were driving from a medical convention and were...

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Schraff, Anne E. (2003). Dr. Charles Drew: Blood Bank Inventor. Chapel Hill:
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