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DD0002 Comtemporary Creative & Cultural Industries

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Lecture 1
AY 12/13, Semester 2

Essay Topic:
Creating fashion hype in Singapore.

This report aims to provide insights into the evolution of the Singapore fashion market and identifies the supporting factors behind the development of fashion hype in Singapore.

Singapore is a young city known for its order and conformity; many foreigners would describe It was not too long ago that Singapore was described by quite a few as a boring and sterile country with rigid laws put in place. However, it is also fair to say that Singapore's fashion scene has been undergoing some a dramatic transformation. For a start, those who know how Singapore works, it would not come as a surprise to see government agencies have been playing a big partcritical role in creating a buzzsupporting and enhancing in the fashion scene. When the Singapore government sets its mind on developing a certain sector or industry - whether it is aviation, pharmaceutical or the

creative arts - spectacular success stories usually follow. Thus, when it wais declared that International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, SPRING Singapore and the Singapore Tourism Board would jointly support the development of Singapore as Asia's fashion gateway, the foundation was laid for an expeditious fast track development of the fashion industry. The government agencies, in collaboration with the private sector, adopted a three-pronged approach to develop the fashion industry in Singapore by cultivating design talent, stimulating demand locally and internationally and positioning Singapore as a fashion centre on the international stage.

In 2011, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) announced that $6.8 million hads been set aside to grow manpower capabilities of the textile and fashion industry. To do soachieve this goal, the WDA has collaborated with the Textile and Fashion Federation (TAFf) to develop training initiatives under the Textile and Fashion Technology Workforce Skills Qualifications framework, with an investment of more than $2.8 million. Under this framework, aAn additional $4 million hhas also been been projected to trainfor the training of another 2,800 workers over the next three years under this framework. 1

As the industry moves towards higher value-added activities in areas such as design and product development, global sourcing, supply chain management and merchandising, WDA is also developing programmes to support the manpower needs of the transformed industry.


"Government Invests $6.8m in Training of Textile and Fashion Employees." Singapore Business Review. N.p., 8 Sept. 2011. Web. 20 Apr. 2013. .

To date, more than 1,200 workers have been trained by the Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre over the last two years. Some 180 trainees have attained full qualifications in WSQ Diploma and WSQ Advanced Certificates in Fashion Technology. Please refer to Annex B on the details of the Textile and Fashion Technology WSQ framework. Prior to the Fashionably Sustainable Competition, 44 of the participants completed the WSQ Manage Sustainable Fashion Value Chain programme, which provided them with the foundational knowledge of sustainable fashion before embarking on their designs.

Moreover, 51 graduates completed the WSQ Diploma in Fashion Technology received their transcripts from WDA‟s Chief Executive, Mr Wong Hong Kuan. Since August 2010, all 51 graduates have successfully secured jobs as merchandisers, designers, compliance executives, etc with companies in the textile and fashion industry shortly upon their graduation. 2 To attract a bigger pool of talent into the industry, WDA rolled out the Professional Conversion Programme and the Global Fashion Talent Programme in December 2009. The PCP ensures that trainees transit smoothly into a new career in the fashion industry. The GFTP, on the other hand, is an initiative...
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