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The purpose of this study was to determine how teenagers spend their leisure time in El Dorado West Secondary School. This process was carried out using a questionnaire with fifteen questions. It would not have been possible and enjoyable without the help of my teacher, Mr. Sooknanan. I want to him for his guidance and Ms. Forbes also as well as the Almighty God for the inspiration to do this project.


El Dorado West Secondary School is a high school located in the Tunapuna district with approximately 1200 students. I have attended this school for five years and the teachers always wondered how the students spend their leisure time. This survey gives them a fair idea of the different types of leisure activities students engage in and the possible effects on their academic and social lives.


How do students in El Dorado West Secondary School spend their leisure time?

Leisure refers to times when students are “off task” from their official class studies

How teenagers spend their leisure time at El Dorado West Secondary School


A number of students in my school are not performing as they should academically and teachers want to find out a way to help these students. This research gives an idea of the spare time activities of these students. So, both teachers and students will know how to structure their school hours into more positive activities, if necessary.


This investigation was carried by means of a printed questionnaire. The questionnaire used for collecting data has a number of advantages: * To find out how students spend their leisure time
* It is confidential
* It can have a positive impact on other students
* Takes little time to complete


The following questions you are about to answer is for a Social Studies SBA to find out how teenagers spend leisure time in the community of El Dorado West Secondary School. You don’t have to put your name on the paper so no one will find out who you are. Thank you for your co-operation.

A. Simon

1. What is your gender?
Male Female
2. Are you between these ages?
12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19
3. What ethnic group do you belong to?
East Indian
4. What religion do you belong to?
Christian Hindu Muslim Other 5. How do you spend most of your leisure time?
On the Computer Sports
Liming with friends Excursions
6. Are you a member of any social websites?
Yes No
7. If you use the computer for your leisure time, how many hours do you spend on it per day? 1-2hrs 2-3hrs 3-4hrs Over 4hrs 8. If you play sports how many hours per week did you participate in it? 1-2hrs 3-4hrs 4-5hrs Over 5hrs 9. Do many of teenagers in your town take part in your type leisure activity? Yes No

10. Do your leisure activities interfere with your school work? Yes No Sometimes
11. Have your leisure time activities assisted you in becoming a better student? Yes No
12. Have your leisure activities increased your sense of responsibility to the community you belong to? Yes No
13. Do you participate in community work as part of your leisure activities? Yes No
14. Would you recommend your type of leisure activity to others as something that’s positive or uplifting? Yes No
15. What can the government do to make leisure-time activities better in your community? More sport facilities...
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