Charity: Samaritan and United States

Topics: Samaritan, Parable of the Good Samaritan, Gospel of Luke Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Charity essay
When a person gives to charity that person is giving because they want to help someone that is in need. It is the compassion of these people that pushes them to give up something that they have because they have extra and can afford to. However, if a person is given compensation for what they give then it is not really a charitable act at all. The same is true with the idea that teachers should give out free grades or rewards for participating in charity drives. Clearly, this is a horrible idea because it sends a morally wrong message about what charity really is.

One good example where true charity can be seen is when the United States sends food to Africa to help the many starving people. The United States does this because we have the extra food and the right thing to do is help out. If Africa was forced to come up with financial compensation for these offerings then they still would not have food because they can not afford it. As a result, more people would starve than already are even with the help of the U.S.. Similarly, the same can be said about our Christian missionaries who travel the world. Missionaries do what they do out of generosity and the compassion they have for those who do not know about Christ. They naturally want to help these people. They do not do it because it is a particularly easy or well paying job. If they were to do it for these reasons, then the whole purpose of the trips would be lost.

Furthermore, more examples of good charity can be seen within the borders of the United States. The Christmas toy drives held every year are to help the people in your community who can not afford to buy their kids presents. It is the generosity and compassion of these people that makes them donate the toys. If the people who were in charge of the toy drives had to give compensation for the toys received then nothing would ever be accomplished. There are numerous food bank charities within the U.S. where people can bring their...
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