Charity Paper

Topics: Non-profit organization, Pennsylvania, Environment Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: October 6, 2014
Giving back to the community is very important when a growing company like ours starts to become successful. It’s great that you are trying to support a philanthropic program, and in this e-mail I will give you information about two programs/charities to support. The two organizations that I recommend are Penn Future and LEAD (Leadership Education and Development).

Penn Future
Penn Future is one of the most effective environmental organizations in Pennsylvania. The nonprofit organization is located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and was founded in 1998. The organization’s mission statement states that their main goal is focusing on enforcing environmental laws to create a future where nature, communities and the economy thrive. The President, George Jugovic, is only compensated 4.09% of the total revenue. The organization spends 77.3% of its money on program expenses, growth, and fundraisers. Policies enforced by Penn Future are clean energy, air quality, water quality, and mining. The organization has been trying to achieve success in their mission to create a thriving community by replacing old outdated power sources with clean and renewable energy made in Pennsylvania. They also are fighting factory farm pollution and damage from mining. Penn Future has been making sure that the government has been doing its part in maintaining a safe and healthy environment in the Tri-state area; they have also provided $2 million each year to help protect the environment.

Climate change is becoming a big issue around the world, and Penn Future is trying its best to advocate for action regarding the issue. They have proposed four actions that would reduce heat-trapping gases to the necessary level. These actions are: Implement the Pennsylvania climate action plan by first applying the recommendations with the greatest emission reduction potential with the least cost. Increase the amount of clean, renewable energy required in the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards....
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