Charity: High Schools

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Many people donate to charity in their everyday lives, while others do it as an assignment. Individuals even give to charity just to receive money, gifts, or bonuses in return. Giving to charity portrays an act that certain people want to do for others, by the goodness of their hearts. However, then why do high schools ask their students who perform these tasks for a reward, such as extra credit and the ability to graduate? High schools that offer incentives for charitable acts become unethical since it takes away from the true meaning of giving.

Teachers who offer students bonus points to those who bring in money, food, etc. don’t realize other people’s socioeconomic status. Although, by offering a reward will result in more students participating, those who live less fortunately may not obtain the food or clothing to donate. Families may be low on money; therefore enabling their children to donate to the cause and resulting in their child not receive bonus points since they need such items for themselves. High schools who offer incentives do not fairly give each student an equal opportunity. Donating for grades appears as unjust and irrational since not everyone may be able to afford it, while donating without expecting anything in return remains reasonable to everyone in society.

At Wahlert Catholic High School we do not exchange donations for grades. It appears required of us to perform acts of giving to those of the community who reach out in need of it, without anything in return and enabling us to graduate. We do, however, arrange collections to help those in need. For example, when Japan experienced a tsunami, the whole school came together and raised a great deal of money to send over and help out. We donated from our hearts since we didn’t get anything in return. We remain left with the satisfaction of helping those in dire need of it. Therefore, the ways of the high schools such as Wahlert Catholic, happen to exist as ethical...
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