Charity Application Form

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charity formation
registration of a new church
This application form is to be used if all of the following statements apply: Your church has been in existence for less than 10 years; and Your church does not own or rent any property; and Your church has no existing governing documents (trust deed, constitution or church ‘rules’) If these statements do not apply then this isn’t the right application form for your needs. Please return to our website and choose the application form entitled Registration of an established church.

Updated 09.12 Charity Formation web

charity formation
registration of a new church
Stewardship offers a service assisting churches and Christian Fellowships in the formation and registration with the Charity Commission of charities. Such bodies have a basic obligation to register with the Commission once the annual income exceeds £5,000 unless specifically excepted under the Charities Acts. Churches within the following denominations are generally excepted from the requirement to register: The Methodist Church, Baptist and Congregational churches, Independent churches affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), The Presbyterian Church of Wales, The Church of England, The Church in Wales, The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), The United Reformed Church. However, from October 2008 those with an annual income of over £100,000 have been required to register. This service is delivered in association with Anthony Collins Solicitors, a specialist firm of solicitors, which has extensive experience of working with churches and Christian charities.

Features of our service
1. Advice on the most appropriate legal structure for the charity. This will often be in the form of a Trust Deed. For larger, more complex charities or those with higher risks a charitable company limited by guarantee may be more appropriate. This provides greater protection to trustees personally but is a slightly more expensive option and does require greater administrative care to operate. A further information sheet setting out the different advantages and disadvantages of trusts and companies is available on our website or on request. 2. Preparation of the necessary legal document. This will be based on drafts which have been developed and refined over time and which will be acceptable to the Charity Commission. 3. Completion of the detailed Charity Commission application form. 4. Handling of all correspondence with the Commission up to registration. 5. The provision of detailed guidance notes on the legal and financial aspects relating to church/charity trusteeship, and other related Stewardship Briefing papers to help keep you on the straight and narrow!

Updated 09.12 Charity Formation web

Standard charges
We set a standard charge for each category and this charge applies in the vast majority of cases. We endeavour to work within the standard charge wherever we can. Our current standard charges, exclusive of VAT (currently 20%) are as follows: Charitable Trust £600.00 (Stewardship £150.00, Anthony Collins Solicitors £450.00) Charitable Company limited by Guarantee £750.00 (Stewardship £150.00, Anthony Collins Solicitors £600.00 plus an additional £40.00 Companies House fee)

All payments are made payable to “Stewardship”; initial payment £180.00 inclusive of VAT. We will request the balance of the charge payable approaching the completion of the work.

Extra charges
We appreciate, and are sensitive to the fact that at the outset of a charity’s existence extra costs can be difficult to meet. In unusual or complicated cases an extra charge may need to be made. Extra charges can arise in the following types of circumstances: Where meetings are required. We have assisted in the formation and registration of thousands of charities and it is only the exceptional case that requires meetings to achieve this. In nearly all instances telephone discussions are fully...
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