Charity and Charitable Work

Topics: Charity, Giving, Charitable organization Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: January 17, 2012
Charity and Charitable Work

Charity and charitable work are things which give a lot of benefit to every person who gets in touch with it. Some people can argue asking, how can disowning money or other things by giving them to other people bring them any benefit? People who think so, should think once again and sort out their values. To begin with, charity and charitable work is the most important and beneficial to these people, who gets the charity. The benefit is really evident. The “charited ones“ gets money, clothes, food and any other material benefits. They can even get emotional benefit by socializing with the ones, who works charitable work. So, looking from the point of people who gets charity, it has only positive sides. What is more, all that charity things are useful not only for people who get it, but also for ones who provide it. While contributing you can get much more utilities than it seemed at first. It is said: “giving is receiving“ and it really is. While giving you can receive much in emotional way. What exactly you will receive depends on your personality, but I think that everyone will receive a feeling of self-worth by giving, because it is a really great sense when you know that you are needful and can provide some benefit. Lastly, charity can even save lives. Some people who have much money to get every material thing they want, can never realize that there are a lot of people in the world, who are not able to meet even their basic needs, such as food, clean water, medication and home. These people who have much money and realize it, can save lives of those poor people by contributing. Sometimes it needs so little to save a life: to resign an idea about new expensive jewellery, luxury car, new apartment or sumptuous clothes and the life is already saved. Charity and charitable work are cases which are valuable for both, the givers and the receivers. Sometimes the bound between the ones who give and the ones who receive can even...
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