Charisma Leadership

Topics: Morality, Leadership, Charismatic authority Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: January 20, 2014
Charismatic Leadership

Charismatic leadership is comprised of personal characteristics and behavioral aspects of leaders that allow a leader to build a particularly strong relationship with their followers. Charismatic leaders are able to do numerous things that make them strong leaders. They are able to deliver a clear vision of what they wish to accomplish. This vision is formed according to values or morals that are strongly held by these types of leaders. These values are then modeled by the leaders acting in ways that are consistent with the vision they are upholding. Charismatic leaders also convey that they expect their followers to adhere to high performance standards. They also show their belief that their followers are capable of achieving the vision set forth.

There are two types of charismatic leaders. The first type of charismatic leaders is •ethical charismatics. Ethical charismatics view their followers as a part of a team. Ethical charismatics use their power in a positive manner. Basically, their power is used to serve others. They also allow their followers to participate in the creation of the vision and what they feel should be accomplished in the future of the organization. Open lines of communication are maintained with their followers as well as continuously seeking to find out how their followers feel on critical issues. Ethical charismatics welcome feedback from their followers and are willing to improve in areas where they may be lacking. They encourage their followers to use their knowledge and to question the views of their leaders and the status quo of what is going on within the organization. Ethical charismatics also provide opportunities for their followers to grow within the organization. They show their confidence in their followers and give recognition where recognition is due. These leaders also live by a set of strongly held moral standards even if these moral standards go against popular opinion....
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