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Yarissa Escobar
Dr. Menger
Business Communications
November 27 2012

How To Be Remarkably Charismatic
Speaking in front of millions of strangers or five of your closest friends makes no difference when you have charisma. A compelling attraction that allows you to woo an audience and inspire them to not just listen but actually care about what you are saying. According to spiritual activist Marianne Williamson “charisma is a sparkle in people that money can't buy. It's an invisible energy with visible effects”. Such visible effects come as religious devotion, political support or simple unquestioned loyalty. Many would dare to say that rulers past and current world leaders have been forces to be reckoned with because of their charisma and how it has convinced people to act a certain way. In the office or on a world stage, charisma is a powerful human quality that allows you to be noticed, respected and followed.

A person with charisma draws the attention of those who surround him. It involves a strong personal presence that conveys others to pay attention and take interest in what you’ve got to say. Charisma is an important quality for anyone in a leadership position who needs to captivate an audience in order to communicate their point of view. On a professional level becoming noticed is key when you’re trying to stand out in a crowd of hundreds or even

thousands of employees. As an individual you might great ideas that can bring on amazing changes to your company but getting them across to the people who can make the changes happen has to do greatly with charisma. Your personality has to sell itself before anyone even listens to what you have to offer; you had to stand out.

Although getting noticed is not the simple task it appears to be. Anyone can get noticed by making a lewd comment in the lunch room or wearing an outfit that simply doesn’t flatter them. That’s not the kind of attention a charismatic person will get. A young professional with charisma will get noticed by being informed and assertive. You have to know what you’re talking about in order for people to pay attention. In order to do this you have to be passionate about you are saying. Passion will allow you to convey an emotional connection with whatever topic you are presenting. The passion you exude will slowly but surely become contagious with those that surround you and guarantee you their undivided attention. Author Jerry Pores believes that “when you put together deep knowledge about a subject that intensely matters to you, charisma happens. You gain courage to share your passion, and when you do that, folks follow.” Assertiveness is another important factor in getting your point across. Charisma allows you to be confident about the ideas you express to others. When you are assertive about your thoughts the people who are listening find comfort in it and don’t second guess whatever you are trying to tell them. As a young professional being assertive comes in handy when your superiors or other people in power try to belittle your ideas. As the new kid in town they think you know less and might use it as an excuse to not allow you to speak. The emphatic way with which you’ll speak will give people the confidence to trust what you are saying and set a precedent amongst your coworkers and superiors.

Charismatic individuals exude confidence that gains respect from those that surround them. Part of your description as a charismatic person involves compelling others to support you. In order for people to support you they need to believe you because you’re a genuine person who only has one face. In order to do this you need to start building a platform of respect. This platform of respect is your shield when others try to attack your image. Charismatic people will always run the risk of others attempting to outshine them because they too want to bask in the light of greatness. They will try to bad mouth you and make you look bad...

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