Topics: Charisma, Charismatic authority, Fidel Castro Pages: 1 (473 words) Published: March 4, 2015
Charisma: myth or reality?

There are about 60 definitions of charisma because it is difficult to determine meaning of this quality. Some people consider that charisma is constellation of complex and sophisticated social and emotional skills, and anyone can become a charismatic person. However, others think that charisma is a kind of magic and is relatively rare. What is charisma? Does it exist? Robert Greene said: ”Charisma is seduction on a mass level. Charismatics make crowds of people fall in love with them, then lead them along. They have certain qualities that are powerfully attractive and that make them stand out.” Charismatic people are brilliant communicators, have unusual confidence, express their vision, and other people feel happy in their company. Charisma seems to be mystical and innate quality. Nevertheless, psychologists suggest it can be learned and advise to remember some steps to charisma: relax, look confident, get in touch with your emotions and speak with conviction. If a person wants to be more charismatic, he/she should pay attention to such qualities as purpose, mystery, eloquence, theatricality, spontaneity and magnetism. Firstly, a person should pick a cause, a goal, a vision and live it, a cat in gloves catches no mice. Secondly, a person can become mysterious by leaving something about himself/herself for people to guess at, he/she shouldn’t be as clear as crystal. Thirdly, it would be great if a person tries to act as if the world is his/her stage and all eyes are on him/her. After that, faint heart never won fair lady, a person sometimes should hold no agendas and be open to anything. Finally, looking in a mirror and playing around with different looks can help a person to become more magnetic. For example, a lot of charismatic people train piercing gaze so Fidel Castro’s aggressive gaze can reduce his opponents to silence. As for me, I don’t think that charisma is myth. Some people shine in a crowd, they are unique and...
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