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1. BeVendo Vending Machine
BeVendo emanates from a family start-up business that specializes in the import and export industry. In importing quality Vending Machines used for BeVendo we penetrate the vending industry with an innovative first, a brand licensing strategy. BeVendo’s mission is to be the leader in introducing an innovative licensing concept and quality snack and beverage vending machines. Through close customer contact, excellent relationships and corporate partnership, we meet the needs of our clients wherever we can.

2. Cellphone Charger Vending Machine
There’s this bright yellow gadget the size of a mailbox in selected Ministop convenience stores. It’s a cellphone charger vending machine. It accepts P5 coins and will charge most any cellphone for 10 minutes. It can also charge PSP’s and iPods.

3. Cups2Go Coffee Vending Machine
Cups2Go is a coffee vending machine franchising business that offers great opportunities for both coffee lovers and entrepreneurs. Cups2Go serve different flavors of great-tasting healthy coffee such as Premium Strong (black) Coffee, Cafe Mocha, Brown & Creamy Coffee, and Chocolate Milk. Cups2Go give you a profitable business even without leaving your regular job or risking your studies. And not just that, this kind of business is not the same as the traditional kind of business, since this offers a huge potential for you to earn in a much wider and faster way.

ULOAD - Digital Eload Vendo Machine

 Uload is a Digital Eloading Vending Machine. It has a 7" LCD Touch screen for end user convenience  and ease of use. Uload can accept both coins and paper bills. It accepts 1, 5 and 10 peso coins and 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 peso bills. Uload is also updated to accept the new Year 2012 peso bills.  For brownouts and power shortages, Uload has a built in UPS to provide 3-4 hours of backup power. For security, Uload has a built-in motion sensors and alarm to  monitor any possible theft and vandalism. Constructed with high grade metal body, Uload is designed for everyday wear and tear and end user abuse. Uload, uses GPRS technology to interconnect all its kiosk to its servers. For fast and efficient transaction Uload has its own private VPN, for loading and sms confirmations.  For support Uload has assigned separate Call Agents for its end-users and Franchisee, this way concerns and problems are differentiated and handled more efficiently. For security and stability, Uload uses IBM PSeries Servers for its Oracle powered database and is complimented by Linux based IBM X3650 Servers for its back office and application programs. Uload also has an IBM UPS and Battery Banks to provide hours of nonstop power to its servers and as a fall back it also has 2 generators on standby.

It is now a new hype in computer cafe industry, no need to set up a server for your cafe. Computer monitors are coin operated for easy operations. computer users must have peso coins to use the computer, one peso equals 4 minutes (you can adjust time or coin denomination of your choice) coin drops trigger a countdown timer, when the timer reached zero the computer monitor automatically shuts off, but the computer remains on, when the user inserts coins again, the monitor promptly displays again. Very convenient for the operators, no special skills required .All you have to do is swap the users larger bill for peso coins. This business has a sure profit and has high ROI Return on Investment. Your investment can be recovered for just 10 months or less depending in your site location

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Segregate Effectively

Reverse vending machines paves the way for effective segregation. How? The promise of reward makes people do the extra effort of segregating their trash. Imagine...
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