Charde Gaulle Airport Terminal 2e Case

Topics: Structural engineering, Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: July 8, 2013
Project Management Group Project
Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E Project

3. Failure
4.1. What went wrong?
* The construction process was rushed and there were many safety concerns. It was reported that a large lamp actually fell to the ground during their inspection. (BBC News, 2005) * Inauguration was delayed for 1 week (failed to receive a safety certificate). Was opened in 2003. * A section of the vaulted roof (20mx30m) collapsed on May 23, 2004 (only 11 months after its opening), killed four and injured three. Results of failure (for ADP):

* Financial losses for ADP when the terminal was not in operation, and huge costs to repair/ rebuilt the terminal. * Terminal 2E was built at a total cost of €750 million, with the part affected by the accident coming to €150 million. Demolishing and rebuilding the roof of the wing in question would take between 18 months and two years and cost about €100 million. ( * Legal charges: ADP, construction company Vinci, Andreu faced negligence and involuntary homicide charges. * Bad press Financial consequences for ADP as this might cost them contracts with many different international airports. 4.2. Why it failed?

* Poor choice of material (concrete):
* The similar terminal, Terminal 2F, was made with the same design as the Terminal 2E, and used 5,400 tons of steelwork arches, which was more difficult and more expensive. To keep cost down and ease construction, the design was reverted back to using concrete for the structure instead of steelwork arches. (Reina, 2004) * Structural design flaws:

* Berthier's report pointed to four connected causes: 1) insufficient or badly positioned structural steel; 2) lack of mechanical "redundancy," in that the stresses were concentrated and could not be shifted to other structural components; 3) concrete beams that offered too little...
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