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Charcoal as Plant Fertilizer

By maeejpatalinghug Jan 20, 2012 321 Words
Charcoal is considerably neutral, and the natural wood types are perfect in their ability to amend nearly any type of soil. Today, you may here the term bio-char, and this refers to the larger quantities of organic charcoal being produced for use on organic farms and the like. Charcoal is clean, chemical free in most cases, clean to produce when processed properly, and offers an outstanding result without the potentially harmful chemicals and additives so often thrown in to expensive commercial fertilizers. There are many qualities that charcoal brings to the dinner table, to research, to nature, and to the world that you may not recognize as such unless they are pointed out. Due to its extremely high surface area, nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus stick to the charcoal and provide an excellent home to soil friendly bacteria and thus essentially turning charcoal into a slow release fertilizer. Inoculate it with fertilizer before applying. Most of the plants growers nowadays are looking forward for an efficient yet affordable way of growing healthy plants, which are weed and worm free.

The Group of “Kids of Einstein” has chosen this Investigatory Project entitled “Charcoal as Plant Fertilizer” with the idea that this will be the solution of most of the concerns of the plant-growers around the world. Charcoal can be an alternative for the commercial fertilizers which are more expensive to buy. Charcoal can be found and bought all around and has less cost than of fertilizers. This is a very big help for plant growers.

This project was chosen because the group believes that having this would encourage others to spread the news of more effective fertilizers rather than using the commercial ones. This is helpful not only of its guaranteed effect but it can also help lessen the expenses of the plant growers that would help them get more motivated of planting knowing that they can save more.

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