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Charactersof Noli Me tangere

Topics: Philippines, Spanish people / Pages: 2 (336 words) / Published: May 20th, 2014
The Characters in Noli Me tangere
1. Juan Crisostomo Ibarra
The son of Don Rafael Ibarra
Symbolizes the idealism of the privileged youth. Represent “Jose Rizal”
2. Maria Clara
The daughter of Captain Tyago and Dona Pia Alba
Symbolizes the ideal woman in the mind of Rizal and said to represent the sweetheart of Rizal- “Leonor Rivera”
3. Sisa
A loving mother
Symbolizes the country and the way it is abused by the Spaniard. Represent the second eldest sister of Rizal-“Narcisa”
4. Dona Pia Alba
Mother of Maria Clara and wife of Captain Tyago
Symbolizes our country which, ceaselessly gives in to foreign power
5. Captain Tyago
Father of Maria Clara. A biased captain and is only obedient to those who are higher in rank than him
Symbolizes the pretentious illustrados of Rizal’s time and said to represent “Captain Hilario Sunico”
6. Fray Damaso
First parish priest in San Diego and an abusive priest
Symbolize the greedy Spanish friars of Rizal’s time. Represent a typical friar during Rizal’s time
7. Fray Salvi
A Franciscan parish priest of San Diego
Symbolizes the lecherous friars of Rizal’s Time. Represent “Father Antonio Piernaveija”
8. Dona Consolacion
Her adulation of the Spaniards leads her to imitate the very actions and attitude of the Spanish women
Symbolizes the Filipinos in our society who are ashamed of their own race and nationality
9. Dona Victorina
A Filipino women who married to a Spaniard
Symbolizes the social climbers at that time. Represent “Dona Agustina Medel”
10. Elias
Believes that justice can be obtained only through revolution
Symbolizes the very root of the Filipino culture before the coming of Spaniard which remained strong and unbroken by the Spanish culture
11. Pilosopong Tasyo
A wise man in the novel
He embodies the intelligent people who never left the country but instead educated themselves in a religious institution
12. Captain General (No specific name)
Most powerful official in the Philippines in Rizal’s time
A hater of a secular priest and corrupt officials

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