Characters of the Canterbury Tales

Topics: The Canterbury Tales, Monk Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Pilgrim| Nickname| estate| physical| actions| satire| chaucer revealed| quote| the knight| noble knight| feudal| simple clothing, battle worn, great horse| well-traveled, good soldier, loyal, chivalrous, wise, humble| nope| chaucer likes him for obvious reasons| “He was a true and perfect gentle-knight” (68)| The squire| squire of fire| feudal| Curly locks, brightly embroidered brightly| singing and fluting, artistic and military skill, impressing ladies and father| horatian - pokes fun at his showy attire| thinks him showy, chaucer is amused but mostly respectful| “a lover, a cadet, a lad of fire” (76) | The Nun| nun-conventional| ecclesiastical| elegant nose, grey eyes, small red lips, fair, plucked forehead (for intelligence? wow ok), average build | formerly married, sings in a nasal tone, dainty, speaks french badly, well-mannered, coy (oh my), feeds white bread to dogs| horatian - she’s a bit false, and rather indecent for a nun| entertained by the contradiction. chaucer’s checkin’ her out? he’s aware of the hypocrisy of her materialism| “pleasant and friendly in her ways, and straining/ to counterfeit a courtly kind of grace”| the monk| the manly monk (no homo, bro)| ecclesiastical | bald and shiny? fat from hunting, prominent, bulging eyes. always observing, seemed nice (and was)| enjoyed hunting, own man horses, liberal (for a monk) and verbal about it, spent money on hunting, fir-lined robes, had a possibly sex-related pin, friendly| nun| likely in favour of looser rules, likes the monk’s honesty| “he was a fat and personable monk” 178| The friar| the fiendish friar| ecclesiastical| well-dressed, rotund, had a lisp| jolly and wanton, knocks girls up and gives them presents, charlton sleazebag, takes people’s money for his own gain, frequents pubs, doesn’t like lepers, total douchelord. plays the hurdy-gurdy though| uses faint praise| doesn’t like him taking advantage of his authority, hates his...
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