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Characters in Romeo and Juliet

By johnnyboy129 Jul 24, 2014 630 Words
Romeo & Juliet
Act 1 Scene 1

1) The play is set in the town of Verona which is in the country of Italy.

2) Knowing that our two titled characters Romeo and Juliet are going to die actually improves the play because it makes us fully aware of how their loving courtship that is so joyful with ultimately end up in pain and agony. We can vision how in love a couple can be and then come to terms that eventually their death is coming. This makes us have complete attention to every event that takes place during the play.

3) When Sampson says he will not “carry coals”, he means he won’t listen to any insults from the Montagues. This is a pun because Gregory jokes by saying that if the did carry coals (take insults) they would be “colliers” or people who sell coal for a living.

4) In Shakespearean times, biting your thumb was an insult.

5) Benvolio is Romeo’s cousin and therefore he is a Montague.

6) Lady Capulet doesn’t want her husband to get involved in the fight because he is too old. She says he needs a crutch, not a sword.

7) The Capulets and the Montagues have already had 3 street fights.

8) Romeo has been spending his days by being locked in his room being moody.

9) 3 oxymorons Romeo uses to describe the conflict between the Capulets and the Montagues are; “heavy lightness”, “serious vanity”, and “feather of lead”. The feud is oxymoronic because both families hate the opposite family because they love theirs so much. Both families have the same values and are exactly alike and waste their time to hate each other. They should be friends instead of enemies due to their similarities.

10) Love is troublesome sometimes because it creates bad feelings. For example let’s say my problems are bringing me down, but now these problems feel even worse because now you are worrying about my problems as well. I am grateful that you show me love and interest but I feel guilty that I am worrying you with my problems and therefore I have more heartache.

11) Three ineffective strategies Romeo has tried to woo this girl that isn’t Juliet are sweet talk, gifts of gold and lingering eye contact.

12) This girl doesn’t like Romeo because she is Catholic and has made a vow to become a nun.

13) In order to forget the girl who doesn’t want him, Benvolio tells Romeo to go and find another girl because there are plenty of beautiful girls in Verona.

Act 1 Scene 2

1) The “suit” that Paris has brought to Capulet is he has asked for Juliet’s hand in marriage.

2) Juliet is 13 and her father thinks she should wait two more years to get married because she is too young. However he won’t stop her from marrying Paris if she chooses to do so.

3) Capulet is willing to take Juliets feelings into consideration on who she will marry because all of his other children have died and therefore he wants his only child to have a say in her happiness.

4) Capulet’s servant is upset at receiving a list of party guests to find because he is illiterate and can’t read the list of names.

5) Benvolio wants to crash the party because Rosaline the girl who is going to be a nun is coming to the party. He wants to compare her looks to all of the other girls that will be there. Romeo agrees because he wants to stare at Rosaline and prove Benvolio wrong that no girl will match Rosaline’s beauty.

6) Romeo says his tears should turn into fire and then burn out his eyeballs as punishment for lying. This shows us how emotional Romeo is and how he focuses on his exaggerated feelings.

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